Your Living Room May NOT NEED that Cocktail Table…

Your Living Room May NOT NEED that Cocktail Table…

Date: May 29, 2019

Tables are a necessary part of our lives…a place to eat, a place to set something on, a place for a lamp, etc. They come in a ton of different colors, sizes, and shapes. We use them in our homes and decor every day, probably without even thinking about it….

BUT…today, many great rooms are incorporating ottomans of various sizes into their decor. They add SO much to a room! The options are endless…size, color, fabric vs leather, pattern, wood finish, shelf option, and quantity. With all of these options how do you choose the correct one for your space?

First, we look at the layout of the room. Is this a room where there is a sofa and loveseat that create a place for a “rectangle?” Does a circular shape provide for better traffic flow around the furniture pieces? Rather than one large piece, would a pair of ottomans work better?

Next, we look at other needs within the room. Would additional storage be a benefit to this space? Would a wooden shelf on the bottom be a place to store books and magazines out of the way?

And finally…the fun part! What will this piece look like in the room? Often times these ottomans become a focal point of a space. They are made to draw attention to themselves with a fun pattern, colorful leather, or unique shape.

So, why choose an ottoman instead of a conventional cocktail table?

Practicality! They provide extra seating within a room. Even the larger ones can be moved off to the side of a room and be used this way. Add an oversized tray to the top to create a hard surface if needed.

Comfort! Let’s be honest, who likes to put their feet up on a hard wooden table? Most people sit on their sofa and relax…why not do it more comfortably?

Fashion! They provide an opportunity to add a “fun” piece to any room. Use them to add a “pop” of color or unexpected texture to a space.

Have you replaced your cocktail table with a fun ottoman? Share it with us!
We would love to see what you have done!