Four Chairs

Four Chairs?

Date: June 18, 2019

Lately we have been on several in home consultations where the client has asked us for ideas on an “extra” space. These spaces aren’t necessarily main living areas, but rather places for occasional conversation, a place to read, or enjoy a morning cup of coffee.

People are in search of something different than just a “sofa” plopped into the room. Often times they have at least 1 if not more, “sofa” rooms as we call them. And don’t necessarily need another one.  These spaces tend to lend themselves to a grouping of four chairs around a table or ottoman.

In this home, the space was originally a large dining table that the couple hardly ever used. They loved the backyard view that the windows offered, but were never able to enjoy it fully. As people who love to entertain, we were able to suggest comfortable counter stools for island seating and 4 swivel chairs for the “dining area.”  This allowed them multiple spaces for interaction. They now spend their mornings in this space enjoying coffee and conversation together, as well as taking in their beautiful backyard.

When they entertain, there is a natural draw for 2 couples to join in conversation and still be a part of what is happening in the kitchen, while others can sit on the upholstered counter stools. This furniture arrangement has completely transformed the space into something usable for the homeowner. They love it.

This application of using 4 club chairs is perfect for extra seating areas. This could be at the end of a large great room, hearth room in a kitchen, sunroom, or an unused formal living room. Often times it brings new life to a space that has been “unused.”

Because chairs come in so many shapes, fabrics, leathers, and styles, you have the ability to be creative when choosing the pieces. Most often, we have the 4 chairs match each other, but they don’t necessarily have to. You could also use 2 pairs of chairs, or 4 different ones. The design is up to you!

Depending on the desired function of the space, we use both cocktail tables or large ottomans in the center of the grouping. Ottomans are more casual and promote putting your feet up, which is perfect if it will be a reading area. A cocktail table is a better option if the space will be used for entertaining or eating/drinking. The hard center surface is ideal in this application.

Not every “sitting” room is required to have a sofa in it. As you are thinking of how you will use the space, be open to options and ideas. Using 4 chairs will create instant interest in your room. People will definitely notice them and ask about the room, and you will most likely find yourself spending time there.